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Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf

Saturday, 13 June 2015

During menggunaakan motor starting in 2003, I've bergonta - change the type of oil, this amusement to the type of motor that time I have. From the start of the motor verva, matic until moge that at this time I have, I have been able to conclude that only Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf is appropriately used to boost engine performance. Especially for those who like to speed, the accuracy of the election oil so the results are disappointing. Oil Total Hi-Perf is a world-class oil company's production has plenty of experience in the research and development of lubrication technology. In addition to testing in the lab closed, Total also has an extreme move research in world-class racing competitions, such as Formula 1, WRC, Dakar, to the Le Mans endurance racing machine.

Even for research purposes oils for motorcycles Total use Elf, brands under its umbrella. As for the support teams - teams that compete in MotoGP, Total's involvement in international motorcycle racing scene itself has lasted more than 30 years. For this year's MotoGP season Elf became a racing motor oil Marc VDS Racing team. Therefore, Total Hi-Perf is made motorcycle oil brand worth mentioning as the world's best oil for modern two-wheeled vehicles. Remarkably, the total guarantee that Best Motor Oil - Total Hi-Perf accordance with the character of the use of motorcycles in Indonesia is known demanded high durability in average weather - hot flat, and often burdened.

Total should be proud to call Hi-Perf products as the best motorcycle oil of a little brand that could produce them. Brand of a multinational company based in Paris, France is already exist in the field of oil and gas since 1924. A long life that allows the company to develop technology capable of lubricant through the experience. At least, we can measure the total reputation in the development of oil technology through a series of racing activities that they do. Formula 1, WRC, Dakar to Le Mans endurance race is not the usual race. But in the event-the event that, where performance and durability so challenged, Total was able to prove the reputation of its technological advances. Sederat the trophy was already achieved. To prove the suitability of Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf to the needs of motorcycle oil in the country, Total even open a special internet page Indonesia www.id.total.com.