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Wednesday, 08 July 2015

A breakthrough gress coined in 1999, when the Synthesis Development started construction of personal property belonging. The first development project Synthesis Development is Plaza Semanggi, iconic buildings  Jakarta project development. Plaza Semanggi is an important milestone in the Synthesis Development  property development business in Indonesia.

In 2005, the brand Synthesis Development ( Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik ) began to be used as a brand in the property business that concentrates on the development of the property. Synthesis Development realize the dream has become a reality, from 1999 until today, Synthesis Development has built lbh of 10 property projects, for the middle and upper classes, apartments and malls, hotels, and office buildings.

Find out What other projects, has successfully done? Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik Are prior to completing the project on time? How did the people against the property developer of this?" But do not stop just there. Real estate firms best Indonesia not only build shelter for your sleep; when developing property, they changed the area, increasing the value and quality of life for you and your beloved family.

Synthesis Development've no doubt very proffesional in doing all the property projects that have been and will be done by them. All projects completed on time, quality and of course worked on projects has always been a master piece. Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik Experienced - With a wealth of experience, Synthesis able to be a pioneer of Property Development in Indonesia, and includes one of the largest property developers in Indonesia. In doing all property development projects Synthesis 4 values always apply a benchmark that determines the outcome of each master piece that produced Synthesis.


The rapid economic growth and increasingly modern lifestyle makes the pace of development of construction is increasing. Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik So many entrepreneurs property developers which justifies any means just to achieve a profit, regardless of the quality.

Development Synthesis ( Synthesis Development – Developer Properti Indonesia Terbaik ) success is driven by a solid team and the commitment made to obtain results with an authentic manner. Dg responsible, carry out with passion and excellence, applying innovative technologies and seize opportunities gress. Synthesis Development was founded in 1992, with a call that is ProLease property consultancy and management of shopping centers.


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